Series : High power mass notification system
名称 : MTC-600CG/1200CG/2400CG无线控制方案
name : HPS-8002CG,8004CG,8008CG High Power Siren (Wireless Control)
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In case there is long distance between amplifier and horns,
When hydroelectric station make flood water release,a strong warning sound is requested towards people living along 20-30km downstream area,during which distance each alarm horn location is set up by every 2 km.For such a long distance control requirement,regular local control will be helpless,we provide below solutions.
GSM Wireless Control
Through general GSM network (2G),we can achieve alarm operation for single or multiple sirens by SMS.It is landform and distance limitation,once there is mobile signal coverage.
Every control amplifier (outdoor cabinet type) will be installed with a GSM module (SIM card installed) to receive control orders.A wireless controller (SIM card installed) is connected with computer,in which we operate control orders with our professional software.Also we can operate by sending SMS directly and instant PA talking with normal mobile phone.
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