Power Factor Correction(PFC)
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名称: Power Factor Correction(PFC)
name: Power Factor Correction(PFC)
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Reactive Power Compensation,or power factor correction(PFC),can lower your utility bills starting on the day the equipment is installed. Installation is fast and easy,minimizing downtime.After the equipment is installed,you should notice an immediate improvement in power factor, more efficient use of your power system's load,and of course,monthly savings in your electric utility bills.
The tradition alway for PFC is switch on the capacitors which are in parallel connection. But if load is non-liner one,which produce harmonics,resulting in the damage of capacitors and the PFC cabinet cannot work.The above problem can be solved by L-C(reactance and capacitor) type filter. It is applied with capacitor branch series connection with reactors. L-C type not only can avoid the amplification of harmonic current but also improve power factor, thus reducing energy losses on the transmission line and save energy.
•Voltage Ratings from 240 to 600 VAC
•Harmonic Filtering for Optimum Power Quality
•Small Footprint with Maximum KVAR
•Standard Off-The-Shelf Units and Specification Designed
•Upgradeable Modular Construction
•Lower Utility Bills Reduced
•Operating Costs
•Efficient Use of Utility Power
•Quick ROI and Continued Savings
Throughout the Life of the Equipment
•Easy to Install
•Minimal Maintenance Requirements
•Food & Beverages
•Minerals & Metals
•Water Treatment
•Oil & Gas
•Industrial Manufacturing
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