Harmonic Filter
产品类别: 稳压电源
名称: Harmonic Filter
name: Harmonic Filter
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With other harmonic filtering solutions, expensive and time consuming site data collection, power quality surveys and computer generated studies are usually needed. Most harmonic filters are designed to accommodate just one or a few harmonic orders.
The Active Power Filter(APF) corrects a full range of harmonic orders, and will not create a resonance condition with existing equipment.
APF provides the simplest and most effective means to mitigate harmonics,reduce
process-related voltage fluctuations,and improve equipment operating life and system capacity.
•Voltage ratings from 208 to 480vac
•25 to 300 amp ratings
•Cancels 3rd to 51st orders
•Graphics display and analyzer
•Individual or parallel systems for added capacity
•NEMA 1, 12, 3R enclosure ratings
•Immediately improves electrical system efficiency
•Reduces operations and maintenance costs
•Quick and easy installation,with virtually no downtime
•No need for complex site analysis
•Dynamically corrects a wide spectrum of harmonic orders
•Computers and Peripherals
•Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs)
•Welding Machines
•Uninterruptible Power Supplies
•Frequency Converters
•DC Power Systems/Chargers
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