Frequency Converter
产品类别: 稳压电源
名称: Frequency Converter
name: Frequency Converter
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Frequency Converters are available in several different configurations to suit any frequency conversion need. Inputs and outputs are available in any combination of 50, 60, and 400 Hz. Frequency converters are very commonly used to test products designed for use in a different country before it is shipped. Using a frequency converter allows you to
precisely emulate the grid power of your target environment in a controlled laboratory setting.They may also be employed when powering machinery from overseas.
•Frequency Conversion
•Voltage Conversion
•Special Phase Conversion:
1 Phase To 3 Phase;
3 Phase To 1 Phase
•Well protection and fault alarm function
•Complete Electrical Line Isolation
•True Sine Wave Output
•Quick response time <20ms
•High accurate output voltage and frequency
Circuit mode
IGBT/PWM pulse width adjustment mode
Wire system
Input voltage
Phase to phase: 265-495V
Input frequency
Output voltage
Phase to phase: 380V
Output frequency
50/60Hz, 400Hz optional
Frequency stability
Insulation resistance
Above 500Vdc 20MΩ
Pressure endurance
Cooling device
Compulsive fan cooling
Wave deformation
Reaction time
Dynamic response quick, when load 0-100%
change, the steady-state response time <20ms
Efficiency more than 90%, be suit for wide-load,can be for the inductive, capacitive, resistive,and any mixed loads
Protective device
The importation of non-fuse switch, without output fuse
switch, the electronic circuit to detect over-voltage
express .Over voltage, over current, over temperature,
over load, short circuit, and automatic alarm
Digital frequency meter, Digital voltage meter,
Digital current meter, Digital power/PF meter
Ambient temperature
-10°C to +50°C
Relative humidity
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