PRL-200 移动照明系统
产品类别: 移动照明灯具
名称: PRL-200 移动照明系统
name: PRL-200 Portable Lighting System
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Apply for large scale high brightness lighting in various operation fields,such as security,rescue,accident investigation,disaster relief,repair and maintenance.
Excellent optical design make illumination intensity reach 6000Lux at 5 meters.Brightness is adjustable;
Multi functions integrated with spot lighting,flood lighting and strobe types;
Lamp heads can adjusted with 360°vertically and 90°horizontally; With camera holder;
High quality lithium battery make long time working time;With displayer to show battery capacity;
Automatic Pressure Governing Valve make sure air pressure balance in the case;
High strength aluminum and engineering plastic material with professional enclosed structure design to make anti water,dust,shock,corrosion and static electricity features to work under serious environment;
Small volume and light weight,easy to carry and simple operation;
Lighting Power
45W(Floodlight) / 24W(Spotlight)
Luminous Flux
5500Lm(Floodlight) / 3000Lm(Spotlight) / 4Hz Frequency (Strobe)
Working time
3.5 Hours (All Lighting) /
10.5 Hours (Spot Lighting) /
7.5 Hours (Flood Lighting)
Charging Duration
6~8 Hours
Lighting Life Span
100000 Hours
Battery Voltage
12V Lithium Battery
Battery  Capacity
Battery Life
Charging Cycles≥1000 Times
Aluminum / PP
Protection Grade
465×290×1900mm (Stretch Out)
465×290×1650mm (Draw Back)
465×290×575mm (Case Closed)
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